Workshop: GET REAL - part of the "GET IT" series

Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 1:00pm to Sunday, September 13, 2020 - 3:45pm
Rainbow Ranch Cottage - 1359 W. Hwy 246 / Buellton, CA 93427


 "get it" series

workshop - GET REAL:

Inspirational speaker,

Life Coach & Author

 Patrice Swenson

SUBJECT: Real Steps for Real change: How to turn REACTION into RESPONSE and improve EVERY relationship in your life;personally and professionally. Presentation & Follow up discussion 

When: Sept. 12, 2020

Where: Rainbow Ranch Cottage (1359 W. Hwy. 246, Buellto, CA 93427

Time: 1pm – 3pm

COST: $60 ~ text 805-335-2482 to reserve your spot,(payment must be received prior to the start of the workshop) or click here to submit your payment with pay pal service online (scroll to bottom of the page and select "buy now" (Limited space - reserve your spot today!

"GET IT" is the mantra themed series developed by, Patrice Swenson to encompass all of her "GET IT" workshops, audio programs and books that are currently being developed, published and recorded.

GET IT stands for: Grow Empowering Thoughts...Initiate, Transcend.

The GET IT series is copyright protected. All ideas, words, and development related to this theme cannot be reproduced or used in any other form, without the express written permission of Patrice Swenson, and Rainbow in the puddle, LLC


What are people saying about the workshop & Patrice Swenson?

“This workshop is life changing! You will learn 4 easy steps to turn reaction into response, I’m so glad I went! I’d recommend this workshop to anyone, and any age. I went with my daughter.” Susan~


“Patrice used clear, easy steps, and made self-help easy to understand, her humor and easy going nature made it fun to listen, and I enjoyed all the personal stories that she used to help us understand the concepts, as well as the opportunity for us to be part of the learning process.” Marcy~


“I’ve been on a self-help path for years and enjoy expanding my understanding, awareness and just general knowledge base; I’ve been going to workshops for the past 15 years, and this is one of the best I’ve ever attended! Thanks Patrice!!” Joe~


“If you ever wondered why you avoid conflict, or why you struggle in relationships, personal or professional, this will be an eye opener! I left feeling like I had some simple tools to change my life; I can’t wait for her next workshop in the series!!” Lisa~


“Patrice is an inspiring speaker, who teaches you by engaging and valuing each person that’s in the room. I didn’t want to be in a workshop that I had to talk or be put on the spot, after this workshop, I couldn’t believe how I found my voice, so many things I didn’t expect, came out of this experience, I’d strongly recommend this to anyone, whether you’ve been studying self-help for years, or never read a single book…you’ll LOVE IT!” Connie~


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