The Story Behind Our Name...

My biggest source of inspiration has been my kids, Travis and Sammy; the joy of my life!

I dedicate this business to both of them! Thank you for all your love and support!


I was running late for class one day…going back to school to get my big degree, so someday I could be a licensed Psychologist and help people with whatever mental struggles they might be having, at least that’s what I thought I was doing.

We arrived at the pre-school daycare and I parked the car right in front; in a NO parking zone, because I’m so late! I rushed over to the curbside door to let Sammy (age 3) out and tried to hurry her along. I walked quickly toward the door; Travis (age 5) is running ahead of me and then I noticed Sammy is lagging behind me; she was stopped right outside the car door, straddling some water by the curb side. “Sammy, please hurry; momma is late honey”, trying to be nice but feeling so anxious about the time and it’s getting later and later. “Sammy", I yelled, "Come on now!”. I said it one more time, but she didn't budge. She seemed to be stuck; just staring at the water running along the curb side. I walked up to her to take hSammy%20and%20Trav%20at%20age%203%20and%205.jpger hand and get her moving. As I approached, she looked up and said, “Momma, look at this beautiful rainbow in the puddle”.  At first I didn't know what the heck she was seeing; there was some oil in the water, but a rainbow? All the sudden, I saw the rainbow. Sammy saw a rainbow and I just saw water and oil, until I saw it through her eyes.

We walked into school and I never forgot this moment, because it reminded me of how “in the moment” children are and how important it is for adults to be “in the moment”.  I told Sammy I was so proud of her for noticing that rainbow because sometimes people just walk right by beautiful things and never see them!

I have lived my life remembering that rainbow in the puddle; embracing my journey, with all the ups and downs that are part of life. I wrote the phrase, “rainbow in the puddle” down, that very day and knew I wanted to do something meaningful with it, someday! Rainbow in the puddle, it’s such a metaphor for life; stop and notice what is right in front of you, and see the beauty in your now; see the rainbow in every puddle! Embrace life, and enjoy the little things, like children do.

It's nearly 20 years later and my business has a name...rainbow in the puddle.

Now...all grown up! me%20and%20the%20kids%20for%20website.jpg