Puddle Groups




Our puddle groups are so much fun! Everyone learns from each other and all of you get to share the gears of the group! The groups are light, fun and relaxing discussion forums that provide a way to learn positive life strategies together! 

We have two types of puddle groups: drop in puddles and custom puddles. Drop in puddles will be shown on the calendar with the topic of discussion for the meeting. You can join any group, even on short notice. Custom puddles are groups that are formed by you and geared for your specific group that will not be open to the public forum. Just get 2 or more people together to form your own group and I will work with your group in a custom format and you can take part in scheduling what your group wants to discuss or learn more about for each meeting. 




$15 per person per session or $100 for a pass for 8 sessions (up to 25 people per group) Aprox. 1 hour


$200 (split among the members in the group - up to 10) Aprox. 1 hour

Fill out a contact from now and list topics you want to know more as well as any goals or life situations you currently have. There is a list of common topics on our one to one and couples coaching page to give you some ideas. When a group comes up that matches what you are looking for, we will send you an invitation to that group. You may also just sign up from the calendar, for any group that looks interesting to you. There are only 25 spots in each group so sign up ahead of time by simply indicating on your contact form that you want to be notified of drop in puddles; remember to put down any topics you're interested or share your goals and life situations and we will match you to a group that will be great for that area of your life, or you may just say you are interested in all opportunities and you'll receive notification of all groups.

How does this work? You will get an access code after you've paid your fee online (please make sure the e-mail address you list is one that you check daily so you don't miss a group announcement or access code that is e-mailed to you for the group). You will join online to the live forum from the link you will receive via e-mail. You will have an access code to enter and you're in! There is NO special software to purchase and all you need to know will be shown to you by clicking the link to join the meeting. If you have ANY problems joining a group or questions before the group starts, just call or e-mail us and someone will assist you!

No matter where you are, it is NOW possible to be part of Rainbow in the Puddle's network of people living, growing and gaining POSITIVE LIFE STRATEGIES to use in any life situation!  

SPECIAL NOTICE to PARENTS: Rainbow in the Puddle will be offering a lot of information on parenting as well as one FREE group per week for KIDS ONLY (5-18) on BULLYING. This is meant to be a safe place for any school age child to go anytime with NO fee, to advance our participation in our PAY IT FORWARD campaign to give something back to all those who have given to Patrice, our Life Coach at Rainbow in the Puddle.

Fill out the contact form now so you don't miss the invitations to a group that might be life changing! List your child's age and or situation. Even if they seem totally great, these groups will foster confidence and coping skills to help with situations they may not be telling anyone about, so they have a network to turn to, which is essential for ALL KIDS. Tell your child about Rainbow in the Puddle and encourage them to come to a group. 

**Everyone is anonymous in our groups if they choose to be (you choose your user names). Anyone will have access to talking in the session or may simply be an observer and just listen. We NEVER require or pressure anyone in any puddle to talk who doesn't want to, but the sharing from everyone is empowering and most will eventually want to share too!

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