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    • WELLNESS ~ health, nutrition & exercise: This blog focuses on holistic wellness. Tips, information, stories and positive life strategies to create and restore wellness and balance in your mind, body and soul through what you eat, think and do.   
    • RELATIONSHIPS ~ dating, marriage/cohabitation, family & parenting: This blog focuses on how to improve your relationships and sustain success long term. Tips, information, stories and positive life strategiesto apply that will help you become more effective and happier in any relationship. 
    • SELF HELP ~ personal and professional growth & development: This blog will focus on specific positive life strategies to expand your awareness and evolve you as a person and help you realize opportunities in both your personal and professional life, no matter whether you are entrepreneur, employee, or corporate executive. This blog will also focus on the intersection of personal and professional life, time management and effective strategies to create balance.Tips, information, stories and positive life strategies to help you live the life you desire, personally and professionally. 
    • UNDER THE UMBRELLA ~ puddle coach column, wisdom & inspirationThis blog features the Puddle Coach Column, advice from our coach, Patrice Swenson, Personal & Business Coach. Patrice writes replies to your questions. This blog will also feature a little bit of everything from wisdom, tips, inspiration, feature stories of real people and everything in-between. Please submit your questions for The Puddle Coach Column, HERE. (names will remain anonymous)


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