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As your Life Coach, my main goal is to facilitate your growth and development in your life marathon , raise self-awareness and help you clarify your life situation to achieve your highest potential and have the life you desire. Change is opportunity and greatness comes from seeing what's possible in any situation. I will help you see the beauty and greatness inside you, and discover what's possible when you align your authentic self to your dreams, journey and opportunities. As your business coach, I will help you seize your dream as an entrepreneur getting started or work with your existing business to help you improve productivity, employee relations, optimize your management style and get the results you're looking for. More than 80% of businesses report improvement in production by using a coach. Working with a coach means working from the inside out and finding out more about YOU! Whether it is your personal or professional life that you want to optimize, we will partner to co-create exactly what you want to improve on, grow from and optimize. 

   Patrice Swenson, CCC


  Certified Competent Coach



                                              Trainings & Certificates                                                                                                                                 

                                              Professional Certified Life & Business Coach ~ 2010-present

                                        All Coach trainings, certificications and practicums completed at School of Coaching Mastery - IAC and ICF approved prep school  

                                                            Prepare & Enrich Facilitator Training - Certified Facilitator for Couples Counseling (Prepare & Enrich Program)

                                                           Master Coach Training - Certificate of Completion: Mastery Level Coach Program (CMC)  

                                                           Master Coach Training - Completed Proficient Level Competency Practicum (CPC)                                                                                                                            

                                                           Coaching Groundwork Advanced - Certified Competent Coach (CCC) 

                                                           Positive Psychology - Certified (ICF core competency and IAC approved) 

                                                          Psychology of Values - Certified (ICF and IAC approved study in spiral dynamics)

                                                          Ethics in Coaching - Certified (IAC and ICF approved)

                                                         Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers - Six months coaching with Julia Stewart - a founding memeber of the IAC and

                                                                                                                                     President of the School of Coaching Mastery (SCM)   


                                           Other Training:                 

                                                        Advocacy Training -Certified Advocate - Domestic Violence - CADA - Mankato, MN 



                                                         Accounts Manager - Consultant to Thomson-Reuters working primarily to sustain and grow their customer base with the Census

                                                                                     Tracs Plus (CTP) software for HMDA and CRA applications to the banking industry. (Feb. 2012 - June 2014)

                                                        National Banking Sales Manager - Consultant to Business Information Technologies, Inc. - worked with sales and

                                                                                                             marketing, third party relationships and customer service to help acquire and sustain

                                                                                                             customers as well as vendors in the banking software division.(Oct. 1999 - Feb. 2014)



                                                         Bachelor of Science - Clinical Psychology , Minnesota State University

                                                        Bachelor of Science - Sports Administration, Minnesota State University


                       Academic work Completed beyond Degree Programs

                                       Educational Foundations -Teaching Techniques - (30 credit hours, Minnesota State Univ.)

                                                       Business, Economics & Marketing - (30 credit hours, Rochester Community College) 


Patrice Swenson

Life Coach, Business Coach & Inspirational Speaker


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