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Coaching at Rainbow in the Puddle is about optimizing your life, using every bit of who you are and what your life situation is. Our philosophy is that any situation in life has potential for a positive outcome. We believe the negatives in our lives often offer the most potential for growth, creativity and resourcefulness. Working with a coach is an investment in you and your future. How much is it worth to you to get the job you want, the relationship you want or the outcome you desire in any situation? How much longer do you want to struggle spending money on things that haven't worked for you? Coaching is a fast paced, proactive approach that can help you get the results you desire faster. Your Coach, Patrice Swenson, is a Professional Certified Life Coach as well as a Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator, which is a wonderful resourse to help couples strenghen their relationships through understanding more about their growth and development areas as well as where they find strenth together. We focus on solutions and moving forward to create exactly what you desire. Coaching at Rainbow in the Puddle isn't about what's wrong with you, it's about what's right with you and how to maximize your abilities, talents and resourcefulness to create the best life possible. Coaching helps you step into your greatness, get clarity and move forward fast. Couples coaching is a proactive approach to empowering each other toward positive steps in creating a new now, enhancing your next steps and finding out more about each other in a very non-confrontational platform. 

 Couples will complete an online quiz from the Prepare & Enrich platform, it's fun, interesting and will help you see each other better: Couples who purchase a coaching package, will get a free credit to take the online Prepare & Enrich quiz ($70 value).  Click Here to review more on Prepare & Enrich 

We offer a free consultation to answer your questions about coaching and how that might fit for you in your life situation. Below is a list of situations that are commonly addressed in coaching. If you have a situation that you aren't sure is fit for coaching, just contact us and get a free consultation to help you decide. 

Common topics for individual coaching:

Transitioning (divorce, separation, break up, retirement, empty nest, new life circumstance)

Forgiveness (forgiving yourself or others)

Critical thinking skills (coaching will engage and expand your critical thinking skills through more detailed exploration into problem solving, possibilities and opportunities)

Communication (personal or professional relationship issues or blocks, connecting, advancing, networking, conflicts, verbal or non verbal barriers)

Stuck (not sure why or what might be blocking you from getting what you want or just can't put your finger on something but know it doesn't feel quite right)

Fear (working with situations and people that cause anxiety or stress for you)

Attitude (feeling off, negative, torn, unhappy, using negatives for a positive outcome, understanding, compassion, perception, intuition, logic, happiness, depression)

Career (Finding the job you want, optimizing the job you have, finding your niche, deciding on a career path, assessing your strengths, figuring out goals, strategies)

Parenting (time management;optimizing time, creating happiness, stability, structures, behaviors, guilt, confidence, planning, understanding development)

Life goals (executing, steps, plans, strategies, development)

Balance (cognitive dissonance, finding out what is out of balance and strategies to create balance)

Health (weight loss & management, exercise, sustaining wellness, medical issues, holistic care, self care, alternative practices, nutrition, mind/body)

Relationships (romantic, platonic, work and self)


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Hourly Rates:

$150 per hour

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