What does a Life Coach do?

  • At Rainbow in the Puddle we work with high achievers (see definition below) that are ready to move forward and maximize their potential in their personal and professional life situations. We honor you as the expert in your life. Our coaching methods foster growth and development to increase awareness, gain clarity and optimize your potential in any life situation. The results are: answers to difficult questions, getting "unstuck", transition to new situations, strategies for success, setting goals, plans to achieve and sustain goals, creating and being resourceful, improved relationships and pursing dreams.     

Who is a high achiever?

  • A high achiever is reading this answer right now; you're here because you're ready to improve your life. You look for solutions instead of focusing on problems. A high achiever is not someone without struggles and problems, it's someone who uses struggles and problems as opportunities.    

What is Rainbow in the Puddle LLC?

  • Rainbow in the Puddle is a provider of life coaching, educating and inspirational services to both private individuals and business organizations.

What format are the services available in?

  •  All services are available in person, online, email and by telephone. 

 Can I hire a Life Coach for the entire day?

  • You can hire Patrice Swenson, Life Coach, by the hour, day, week or month. Travel costs will be added to the hourly rate. Discounts may be offered to individuals and businesses that request a full day of coaching on site. 

Can I hire you to come to me for the day if I live out of state?

  • As stated above, Patrice will travel to any location and on-site coaching is available for various lengths of time. The client will be charged for all travel costs in addition to the coaching fee.

What is the home city for Rainbow in the Puddle?

  • Winona, MN