Coaching is not the same as licensed counseling or therapy, coaches are NOT licensed or certified mental health practitioners and we NEVER claim to be, nor do we advocate you using coaching in place of counseling or therapy from a licensed practitioner if you feel you are suffering from a mental illness OR addiction.

Coaches do NOT diagnose clients. We partner and welcome all of the helping industry and see our business as collaborative NOT competitive with other parts of the helping industry. Quite often a client may be seeing a Therapist or Counselor and also working with a Life Coach.Coaching is NOT covered by insurance companies at this time; the main reason for this is that coaching clients are considered stable, healthy and non vulnerable individuals that are seeking assistance with their life, not assistance uncovering mental illness and or an addiction and or the treatment of a mental illness or addiction. (Insurance that covers any counseling or therapy REQUIRES the diagnosis of a mental illness from a licensed mental health practitioner. If a Life Coach is also a licensed Therapist or Counselor, insurance companies still REQUIRE the diagnosis of a mental illness to process payment).

In order to receive ANY coaching or consulting services, you accept the above statement and understand that you and ONLY you are responsible for ALL of the choices you make. At NO time is the Coach responsible for your choices. Entering into a coaching agreement is an opportunity to enhance the well-being of your life or business through a partnership of co-creating with your coach. A Life or Business Coach may offer expert advice in a particular area that is unique to each coach and their background; this is called "consulting". We may consult as part of our coaching agreement.

This disclaimer MUST be read and accepted before receiving any services at Rainbow in the Puddle, LLC.

                                                                                                     I have read and accepted this disclaimer

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