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Patrice Swenson

Professional Business Coach, CCC                                                                                                                                                                         

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One of the most common questions I get is, "Why should I hire a business coach?" The fast answer might be, you want to see yourself and your company from the outside in. You want to gain perspective and raise awareness. You want to have someone mirror back to you so you can see yourself and your business better! A coach can help you improve productivity, employee  relations, clarify situations, set goals, create action plans and optimize every aspect of your business. What sets me apart from someone else is not what I know but what I hear, what I can reflect, what I can sense as well as what I can see, and how I can help you gain perspective.

I've been an entrepreneur from about the age of 8 years old, when I asked my mom if I could gather up my old clothes and go sell them door to door. To her surprise, I got on my bike and headed down the hill and came back with no clothes and what I considered to be a LOT of money! I think it was about three bucks! Four years later I picked up a paper route and my door to door life continued to bring me a pretty good profit. I had a few complaints from some that said their paper was late, but for the most part, the rest were happy and satisfied and the reason the paper was late is because I took time to notice every person I gave the paper to. I appreciated every aspect of what I did. It didn't seem to be about the money but more about the people. I found out that when you see your job as something fun, something to be grateful for and something to be an extension of your being...you do FAR better! As life went on, I had more and more job experiences and eventually owned and operated four businesses. As a small business owner you are far more than the CEO, you're the marketing department, the advertising department, the research department, the engineering department, the development department, the web designer, the advocate, the networker and the list goes ON and ON! You get the point; you do it ALL! 

As your coach, I will help you see yourself in the light and reflect back to you like a mirror. I will help you get into your greatness and as you do, you will become more effective, creative, productive and evolve as an independent contractor, small business owner or the leader of a corporation. Your employees can also be helped by using a coach and the results will affect productivity. Happy people are better at everything they do. I can help you increase your awareness by simply helping you re-frame situations. My questions will stimulate your thinking and offer you another perspective that will be like a flash light to a dark room! If you're wondering what the right questions are, they're the ones that might make you pause, say things out loud that might surprise you, confirm, clarify and help you break through stumbling blocks and turn them into stepping stones! Sometimes your answers may even baffle you, but the results are an expansion of thought with new perceptions and more effective solutions! 

I will work with executive management as well as individual employees and the relationships within the structure of the company, including the environment the work is performed in. We can address any situation, event or circumstance that is affecting your business to help you flourish and optimize in a holistic way; this means not only improving what you produce but what you provide, for your clients, customers and staff. It's not ever about telling you what to do, it's about asking you the right questions, and making key observations that help you reflect on your situations. 

I believe that every life situation and every business situation has an opportunity built into it. Regardless of the difficulty you have, it's there and I'll help you see it. Struggles are meant to help you build not decline. Business and personal life are connected. If you run a great business, it's likely a reflection of how you run a great life. You don't work at it you work for it and you love working for it because you believe in it, you're passionate about it and you know it's going to succeed! My attitude is positive, that doesn't mean negatives are not part of what happens, it means they are opportunities! My style is focused, fun, friendly and first class!

 I'd love the opportunity to work with you and your business, whether it's a one person shop or corporate America. 

The size of the business does not impact the coaching;

the coaching impacts the size of the business!



Google CEO remarks about using a Coach, he says it all in a few seconds!

Every Business NEEDS a coach! Please contact me to setup a free consultation.