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Patrice Swenson

Life Coach, Business Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Rainbow in the Puddle was originally inspired by an experience with my daughter at age 3, (see the about section of my site for more on where our name came from). I have always been a very positive person and thought there had to be a way to extend this out to others for a more positive life but I just kept my thoughts brewing inside and sort of went on with life, not sure how to bring that dream into a reality.

I never had a lot of money or a fancy house but I had the richest life in happiness. I remember once when my son, Travis, was about 8 years old he asked me if we were rich...I said, "YES" we're rich with happiness! A few years later we laughed, because Travis said to me, "Someday I'm going to be rich",...then prefaced "with money" as it wasn't the norm in our home to equate money with the word RICH! I remember feeling glad that he still remembered that being rich didn't necessarily mean money! 

I became a single mom when my kids were 1 and 3 and my life led me to experience so many interesting and challenging twists and turns. From the outside looking in, I'm sure that many might not have thought we had it made, but we did. We had a life full of ups and downs and we were a very close family, navigating life together, not perfectly but happily and most of all...we were, RICH!

Over time I began to put on quite a bit of extra weight. It was the one thing that bothered me immensely but at the time I didn't have a clue why this was happening nor did I know that I had some other health related problems until one day when I collapsed. There were many factors that contributed to my unhealthy state of being and as I laid close to death, it was like the first day of life. I embarked on a remarkable life-style change that eventually became my life's work; coaching ~ educating ~ inspiring.

Although weight was my struggle, it was not much different than many struggles and road blocks that lots of people face at one time or another. I offer life coaching for any life situation as well as educational workshops, group coaching, business coaching and inspirational presentations. I would be honored to be your Coach, Educator, Facilitator or Inspirational Speaker. 

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