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                   Patrice Swenson

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I truly believe that it's essential to realize that negative situations, feelings, emotions,  and experiences are sometimes the most motivational factors and opportunities life can offer you to really jump start a positive life. If you think about anyone you admire, respect, or look up to in your life, you'll find one common denominator; they used whatever negative situation they had and turned it into an opportunity to gain something, share something, or do something that enhanced their life and maybe even the lives of others. People are drawn to this kind of person because on some level we all want to be able to do that...and we all canThere are a gazillion websites, books, workshops, messages, classes, quotes and the list goes on, that all focus on being positive and thinking positive. There are just as many insights to how simply thinking positive can and will change your life, but there's something missing here...what do we do with our negatives?


At Rainbow in the Puddle we focus on positive life strategies. In a nutshell, that means allowing everything that's a part of you and your life situation to become an opportunity that can enhance your well being and possibly the well being of others. If you want to explode your life into an inferno of possibilities, stop trying to think positive and start doing positive! A fabulous mentor of mine once said, " trying implies struggle". You can either choose to keep struggling for the positive in your life, or accept that there are negatives in you and your life, and start using those negatives as opportunities...NOW!

When you use your life situations as opportunities, you will journey into the most positive life ever. Being positive is not about being happy all the time, or pretending you have a perfect life; free from negatives, free from problems, free from mistakes, or free from _______(fill in the blank). Release yourself from the pressure of trying, and instead let yourself just "be", "feel", and "think" whatever. Then you'll be ready to use the power of any situation to create something incredibly positive in your life. 

Lots of people tell me they love how positive I am. It's great to hear that, but I want all of you to know that my secret isn't just being able to realize the "opportunities", it's being able to take a trip to a place I call, "Phucketville"! This is a place I often invite a friend to come along because it's way more fun to be in Phucketville with someone you can laugh with. I don't go there to dwell, I don't go there to live; I go there for a visit when I feel like I need it. When do I need it? When I start to feel like I'm "trying" versus "doing". No matter how evolved you think someone is or how much better you think they are at _______(fill in the blank), they too, have negatives in their life and aren't anymore perfect than you are. That being said, we all can use a trip to Phucketville every now and then!

I think of myself as your peer. My life, like many of yours, has given me numerous "opportunities". You can change your life to be anything you want it to be. The fact that you're here, reading this blog, might just be the first step. At Rainbow in the Puddle we work with high achievers, A high achiever is not someone without struggles and problems, it's someone that uses struggles and problems as opportunities.  Anyone can be a high achiever. My greatest desire is to inspire as many people as I can. You too can be a high achiever--no matter who you've been, where you've been , or what you've done...starting TODAY!

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