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Patrice Swenson

Certified Life Coach c.c.c. ~Individuals / Couples / Businesses & Certified Prepare and Enrich Facilitator for Couples




Great coaching is about asking you the right questions, not giving you the answers; YOU are the most powerful person in your life and together we will find solutions!

 I am passionate about helping people come into their greatness, gain clarity and optimize their life, both personally and professionally. I am not here to judge you, tell you what to do or diagnose you; I'm here to shed some light on your path so you can see where to go and help you create whatever life you want. I believe in the power of positive life strategies in every situation. I will empower you, cheer you, challenge you, encourage you, stretch your thinking, evolve your awareness and accelerate you into an extraordinary feeling of well-being and unlimited opportunities! 

                           "I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious" ~ Albert Einstein



working with individuals, couples & businesses

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A GRAND LIFE ~ What would living on a grand a month look like?
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A Grand Life ~ Intro Patrice Swenson